Property management software

Real estate organizations need to know their expenses and revenue. Therefore they require commercial property management software capable of accurately processing a great number of lease contracts, advance payments, service charge invoices, rental payments, etc. myMCS Property offers this capability and accuracy.

Effectively manage all aspects of lease contracts

Part of an integrated software suite, myMCS Property is a lease & commercial property management software designed for corporate and commercial real estate organizations. It provides easy navigation and quick location of any information on property and space.

With this highly configurable commercial property management software, real estate managers can effectively manage all contractual relationships with property owners, tenants, and service providers. Contract conditions, leased spaces, services, indexation and tax rates, payments, consumptions etc. – all the information is stored centrally per contract in one single database, thus reducing administration costs and achieving operational efficiency.

Automate financial operations

myMCS Property lease management software allows real estate organizations to automate their financial operations. A state-of-the-art service charge settlement mechanism ensures that (variable) rent payments and operating costs for services are accurately determined and billed. The system automatically calculates chargeable expenses, balances advance payments, calculates any resulting adjustments, and tracks settlement results. Consequently, each tenant is issued a billing requisition which is moved to an external accounting software for further processing.

    Benefits of myMCS Property
  • Visibility and control over contracts, warranties, and price conditions
  • Automated calculation and management of lease invoices
  • Management of variable rent agreements
  • Automatic settlement of service charges
  • Preview of service charges allocation before generating billing requisitions
  • Life cycle management of real estate objects
  • Tenancy reporting and forecasting

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