Articles & Case Studies

Articles & case studies

09Jun 2015

‘GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap’, one of the significant educational players in Belgium (28 groups of schools, approx. 1,000 educational institutions representing 3,000 buildings and roughly 300,000 students) is serious about reducing energy consumption. In order to assess energy performance and potential for improvement in their schools, they decided to implement the energy management software from MCS, kicking off the effort with a pilot project in 3 schools.

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03Jul 2014

When installing or remodeling a (new) kitchen or catering environment it is like buying a new car.

The building or remodeling of a kitchen or restaurant should be indeed a simple task while it is regarded as a complex one for facility managers. Understandably, it is a project that they do not run every day.

They asked themselves many questions, among the following: Continue reading

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