Smart working and change management consulting

In an increasingly connected world, smart working is quickly becoming the new normal.

It will not only help your organization to become an employer of choice – able to attract and retain the best talent – but also to optimize overall performance and costs, and to gain a competitive edge.

How to reshape the workplace to facilitate smart working?

Align bricks, bytes and behaviour

Smart working consists of 3 key dimensions: bricks, bytes, and behaviour. Each dimension influences the way people work and their productivity. For smart working to have a real impact, the 3 dimensions need to be aligned:

FROM a change-averse, presence-oriented, top-down hierarchical culture
TOWARD a result-driven culture that is open to change, and values choice, leadership, autonomy, responsibility, collaboration, team agreements and the role of the manager as a coach
FROM a physical work environment that is not a good fit and where people
have to go to
TOWARD a flexible, activity-based office, where people want to go to:
– Office = meeting place
– Right-sized, with a balanced mix of private and shared areas
– Co-created with users
FROM a low-tech work environment lacking user-friendly collaboration and communication tools and providing limited data and information access
TOWARD a digital workplace that provides the workforce:
– Consumer-grade collaboration, document-sharing and communication tools
– Full mobility support and quick access to data and information, anywhere, anytime


Transition to an optimal way of working

MCS Solutions’ smart working approach helps organizations adopt a smart way of working, that is inspired by vision, based on facts and supported by the people.

We bring expertise across all smart working dimensions and adopt an end-to-end project approach, using proven tools and providing independent advice.

MCS Solutions supports organizations every step of the way, including the effective roll out of concepts and ensuring change is thoroughly, smoothly and lastingly implemented.

End-to-end smart working transformation methodology


  • Scope
  • Stakeholders
  • Budget constraints

Programme/project charter

  • Objectives
  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Approach
  • Risks
  • Working principles


  • Kick-off with top management
  • Meeting unions
  • Strategic interviews
  • Visioning workshop

Business case

  • Budget
  • Benefits

Qualitative analysis

  • Operational interviews/ workshops
  • Baseline survey (Leesman)

Quantitative analysis

    • Activity measurement
    • Occupancy
    • People interactions and proximity needs
  • Technical analysis
    • Building characteristics, constraints and possibilities
    • Space ratios
  • Inventory
    • Storage cabinets/paper
    • Specifics
  • Existing policies


  • Leadership
  • Autonomy/ collaboration
  • Competence development
  • Preferred way of working/living together
  • Flexibility/mobility


  • Activity blocks
  • Activity matrix
  • Generic module
  • Spatial needs
  • Furniture needs
  • Macro concept
  • HVAC, acoustics, lighting


  • Collaboration tools
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Connectivity/ mobility
  • Digitization/ document management


  • Training/ coaching plan
  • Communication
  • Policies
  • Guidelines/ agreements


  • Rollout charter
  • Micro layout 2D/3D
  • Look & Feel
  • Branding
  • HVAC, acoustics, lighting
  • Security and safety
  • Furniture specifications
  • Finishing


  • Software
  • Hardware

Project management

  • Execution planning
  • Tendering
  • Budget control
  • Supplier management
  • Communication

Move management

Post analysis

  • Evaluation survey (Leesman)
  • Activity measurement

Continuous improvement

Transformation: end to end
Leadership alignment
User involvement
User feedback

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