myMCS Connect

To succeed in a rapidly changing world, businesses need to be able to freely share information within their organization. That implies breaking out of data silos that are an obstacle to effective collaboration and hinder strategic alignment.

Seamlessly integrate myMCS with enterprise applications

myMCS Connect allows to pass data back and forth smoothly between myMCS and other applications, such as financial and HR software, ERP solutions, Building Management Systems, GIS and mobile applications.

This enables organizations to build on their existing IT investments and simplifies integration of suppliers’ or partners’ services into their business processes.

Standard web services

Leveraging XML and standard web protocols, web services technology has revolutionized the way functionality is developed and shared between software applications over a network.

Compliant with major industry standards, myMCS Connect allows you to access myMCS functionality through standard web services and to efficiently build interfaces with other systems and mobile apps. It provides the flexibility to tailor your solution to specific business needs and rapidly align it with new requirements.


    Benefits of myMCS Connect

  • Reliable data sharing between different applications
  • Smooth integration of business processes across different platforms
  • Accelerated creation of interfaces between myMCS and other applications
  • Possibility to use self-configuration
  • Proven and future-oriented technology with open standards
  • Enhanced interoperability (WS-I BP 1.1 compliant)
  • Unified access (support for both JSON-RPC and SOAP protocols)
  • Easy to use and well-documented standard web services

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