myMCS Data Enhancer

To fulfill its purpose as an IWMS/CAFM management tool, myMCS requires access to master data about locations, employees, maintenance objects, contracts, etc. In addition to manual updating, myMCS provides a more efficient method through myMCS Data Enhancer. This is particularly helpful in the case of large data volumes, frequent updates or new implementations.

Seamlessly import/export your data

  • IMPORT myMCS Data Enhancer facilitates batch data import into the central myMCS database. The solution works with a wide range of data objects from any module in the suite.
  • DATA MAPPING – Data imports are based on Excel templates corresponding to myMCS data objects. These templates are generated directly from the myMCS dossier users are working on, thereby retaining the correct data structure for each entity.
  • EXPORT/EDIT myMCS Data Enhancer also enables users to export existing myMCS data into Excel for mass editing. This allows to update multiple records in one move and re-import.
  • VALIDATEmyMCS Data Enhancer features import simulation whereby data is first validated before actually being committed into the database. This results in a cleaner and faster implementation process with increased data quality.

    Benefits of myMCS Data Enhancer

  • Possibility to import a wide range of data in a structured way
  • Easy to use Excel templates as input format
  • Automatic generation of correct Excel templates based on dossier
  • Data validation through import simulation and logging of errors
  • Possibility to export data into Excel for batch editing
  • User-friendly tool: no database knowledge required


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