Document management software

Are you involved in processes or projects that require collaboration around documents? myMCS Document management software enables you to easily access, manage, tag and share online all types of documentation related to your assets, workplace and facilities. This makes it an invaluable tool for collaborative projects such as building projects or ongoing contract and facility management.

Centrally manage all types of documentation

Part of an integrated software platform, myMCS Document provides a global documentation overview in a free folder structure with powerful search capabilities. Once you have uploaded a document in the central myMCS Document management software, you can link objects in myMCS modules to this document.

Access your documents anytime, anywhere

myMCS provides universal access to your documents irrespective of where you are or which device you use to connect to the internet. Comfortable and easy to use, the application works with many standard mobile applications allowing exchange between your documents on tablet or smartphone and the central myMCS Document management software.

    Benefits of myMCS Document

  • Universal access to a global documentation overview
  • Powerful search (full-text search, metadata search or a combination of both)
  • Automatic version management and full traceability
  • Configurable document flows with automated notifications
  • Access documents on the go using mobile devices
  • Supports all types of documents (text, pdf, drawing, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • Safe sharing through URLs and advanced access control
  • Work offline with your documents


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