myMCS eLearning

When implementing enterprise software solutions, organizations are often faced with poor user acceptance and suboptimal use of the software. myMCS eLearning effectively tackles this problem – it improves user adoption, enables users to achieve a high level of proficiency and prevents knowledge loss.

Role-centric, self-paced software learning

Standard myMCS eLearning enables users to:

  • Get started and learn the software by watching animated online video tutorials with clear instructions in a logical order
  • Practice their skills with the aid of interactive sessions, either following step-by-step instructions or getting feedback and assistance on demand
  • Test their knowledge and obtain a score/get a certification

Manage software learning across your organization

Part of a blended learning approach at MCS Solutions, eLearning material can be combined with webinars and live classroom training depending on people’s roles and the needs of the organization.

MCS Solutions can also provide solutions to produce tailored content, monitor organization-wide eLearning or set up certification.

    Benefits of myMCS eLearning

  • Improved user adoption and fast start
  • Superior learning results compared to stand-alone classroom training
  • Software solutions used correctly and to their fullest potential
  • Role-specific interactive tutorials (how to configure/how to use) with step-by-step instructions, assistance on demand and results feedback
  • Improves organizational learning efficiency and prevents knowledge drain
  • Online sessions via web or mobile: up-to-date, available anytime, anywhere
  • Manage and monitor eLearning across your organization


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