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Nemetschek brand MCS Solutions acquires 100% of Axxerion, a pure SaaS provider for digital building management Axxerion products, technologies, geographical presence, and types of customers are a strong complement to MCS Together, MCS and Axxerion will offer a complete solution for property management, IWMS, and smart buildings in a SaaS model

These days, all organizations have systems in place that generate huge amounts of data. Businesses realize it is an important resource. Yet many are not able to use it to its full potential. As ubiquitous as data has become (more data has been created in just the last two years than in the entire previous […]

August 6, 2018 – MCS Solutions announced today that Norton Sound Health Corporation (NSHC) selected its IWMS software for the management and optimization of its healthcare facilities in northwestern Alaska. NSHC will deploy the solution across its hospital and village clinics along the Bering Sea coast and on islands of the region.

BIM is moving into FM, and for good reason. Building Information Models (BIM), when correctly set up, contain a wealth of as-built information for facility management. This information, digitally stored within BIM, includes space and asset data such as equipment locations, models, maintenance, spares, carbon footprint, price, warranty, and more.

Office space is an important investment for many organizations and – with greater workforce mobility – difficult to manage. If you don’t have sufficient space or it is not fit for purpose, workplace productivity suffers. But if you have too much space, you’re wasting money on rent, energy, and services. Not all spaces are created […]

The typical facility management (FM) organization, part in-house, part outsourced, is like a business in itself. It has suppliers, a management team, and its own customers. As a key part of that organization, the FM service provider is in a business-to-business market. So the customers of the service provider are mostly the client organization’s business […]

Having remained more or less unchanged for decades, workplace and facility management are becoming a more central tenet of decision making for global organizations. Yet many businesses still lag behind when it comes to implementing the systems necessary to make the most of the FM’s role.

The advent of BIM, or Building Information Modelling, has been widely talked about as a game changer in real estate. But the development and adoption of formal standards offers even broader applications. The digital integration and upkeep of building models mean they can play a key part in the entire building lifecycle, rather than just […]

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