What we do

MCS Solutions enables organizations to take control of their real estate through the integrated myMCS software suite.

Available across different platforms (web, mobile), the software enables organizations to realize measurable improvements in the areas of real estate, facility and workplace management. The real value resides in that it provides business leaders better insights, enabling them to take informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

myMCS not only allows you to effectively run your real estate and facility operations. It also helps you reinvent them – through multi-level integration and advanced analytics.

Why MCS Solutions?


  • Integrated and proven software solutions, built in-house since 1989
  • Powerful visualization of space related data
  • Centralized database providing a ‘single source of truth’
  • Integration with hardware (energy meters, Internet of Things, sensors)
  • Integration with other enterprise applications through standard web services
  • Multi-disciplinary – enabling new user scenarios across different domains (RE/FM/Workplace)


  • Embedded best practices
  • Fast deployment (myMCS Smart Start)
  • Standard software (no custom coding)
  • Highly configurable (user defined fields and flows)


  • Embedded knowledge of leading domain experts
  • Flexible do-it-yourself reporting
  • KPI mapping, monitoring, and benchmarking with industry best practices
  • Advanced analytics integrating IoT big data (sensors, positioning)

Advisory services

Specialized consultants bring expert advice in many of the areas of real estate, workplace and facility management, ranging from cleaning to catering, technical maintenance, energy management, space optimization, smart working and many others. By maintaining leading edge experience in these domains, we are also able to anticipate market trends and build them into our overall solutions, including the myMCS software platform.

Networking and knowledge sharing

MCS Solutions’ connection to the market through customer proximity and co-innovation, is further reinforced by active participation in a range of industry leading networks, research platforms and professional associations that support facilities practitioners. This enables MCS Solutions to proactively align its solutions with new standardization initiatives and market evolutions. By sharing knowledge with these networks, we bring value to our customers and to the industry as a whole.

International Facility Management Association, IFMA


IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting over 24,000 members in 94 countries. MCS Solutions is a Corporate Sustaining Partner (CSP) and frequent contributor to IFMA events.

IFMA event overview


British Institute of Facilities Management, BIFM


Founded in 1993, the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) is the professional body for facilities management (FM). It promotes excellence in facilities management for the benefit of practitioners, the economy and society. BIFM supports and represents over 16,000 members around the world, both individual FM professionals and organizations.

Visit the BIFM website


German Facility Management Association, GEFMA


The facility management industry is one of the most important industries in the German economy. GEFMA is the leading German network of facility managers. The association represents more than 850 companies and organizations, providing FM services (commercial, technical, infrastructural), real estate management, consulting, financial, and IT services.
Visit the GEFMA website

myMCS software is certified according to the leading GEFMA 444 CAFM guideline.

GEFMA certification MCS CAFM software

Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA)


Visit the MEFMA website


CoreNet Global


CoreNet Global is the world’s leading association for corporate real estate (CRE) and workplace professionals, service providers and economic developers. Over 9,000 members, who include 70% of the Fortune 100 and nearly half of the Forbes Global 2000, meet locally, globally and virtually to develop networks, share knowledge, learn and thrive professionally.

Visit CoreNetglobal.org


Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA)


French association SBA supports professionals in the transition towards smart, connected buildings that meet the challenges of today’s society.

Visit the SBA website


L’Assocation des Directeurs de l’Environnement de Travail (ARSEG)

With around 2000 active members, ARSEG is France’s leading network of workplace professionals.

Visit the ARSEG website