Who we are

Active for more than 25 years in 60+ countries, MCS Solutions is a technology firm focused on integrated software solutions in real estate, facility and workplace management for large private or public organizations.

Through the synergy between expert advice and innovative software, MCS Solutions helps organizations improve real estate performance in terms of total cost, risk reduction, employee satisfaction, brand perception and sustainability.


Learn more about MCS Solutions as a company from its inception in 1989 to global expansion.

MCS Solutions has a strong focus on integration to drive innovation and bring tangible value to its clients. We do this by innovating WITH our customers:

  • Co-creating solutions that fit the needs on the ground
  • Leveraging new technologies as key enablers (not as goals in themselves)

Our team

The MCS Solutions team brings both breadth and depth of experience:

  • Company leadership team with a strong track record in growing technology firms through innovation, and recognized market leadership in facility and real estate management
  • Leading domain experts with many years of experience in their field within real estate, facility and workplace management and specialized academic degrees
  • Technical experts who get the most out of the technological advances and capabilities and bring optimal solutions across web, mobility, IoT, analytics, and other areas
  • Project delivery engineers with a dynamic attitude and proven track record of delivering customer satisfaction across the globe
  • Analytics specialists and data scientists to perform data mining and turn big data into actionable intelligence

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