Reception & Visitor Management Software

First impressions tend to be strong and lasting. Your reception desk is the first point of contact for your visitors and the place where you welcome customers, vendors, and other stakeholders for the first time. There are few areas where excellent service can make more of a difference. myMCS Reception software helps you streamline your organization’s reception services and provide a great visitor experience.

Seamless visitor management, from invitation to checkout

myMCS Reception is an integrated software enabling efficient visitor management. It allows to quickly register visitors and pre-register invitees for planned events. In addition, self check-in can be used. All this significantly speeds up the reception process and helps avoid queues.

myMCS Reception software enables your organization to design custom name cards and badges and quickly print name cards for scheduled events. The software simplifies internal communication between receptionist and host and keeps a record of all visits and visitors. Advanced filtering and search capabilities guarantee that the information you need can be quickly retrieved.

    Benefits of myMCS Reception

  • Quick registration of incoming and leaving visitors
  • Reduce waiting lines – automated self check-in
  • Custom design and printing of name cards
  • Registration of badges and follow-up on badge return
  • Presence tracking for evacuation purposes
  • Web-based support for preliminary registration of visitors
  • Import of bulk visitor lists for large events