Relocation & move management software

With growth and changes to an organization usually comes the need to relocate individual employees or even the entire business. Without a clear understanding of the logistics, organizational implications and cost of relocation, the decision to move may become a serious concern. The solution is myMCS Move Project. This relocation software helps organizations identify potential roadblocks and smoothly manage the move.

Supporting organizations in a move − every step of the way

Part of an integrated, off-the-shelf software suite, myMCS Move Project relocation software helps organizations successfully move individual employees, assets or even entire businesses to a new location with minimal organizational disruption. The focus of this move management software is on:

  • Automation of the corporate relocation policy from single-employee moves through to complex, multi-phased moves
  • Ensuring business continuity during moves
  • Streamlining the overall move workflow to reduce costs and downtime
  • Relocation analytics to align move activities with core organizational objectives

A web-based tool, myMCS Move Project relocation software greatly reduces the complexity, risk, time, cost and downtime associated with moves while maximizing comfort for relocated employees.

    Benefits of myMCS Move Project

  • Advanced planning for moving employees and assets on-time and on-budget
  • Avoidance of expensive downtime and minimized move errors
  • Clear, workflow-driven move communication, coordination and collaboration
  • Effective management of move project budget
  • Easy allocation of relocation expenses to organization departments
  • Instant access to all move-related documents, such as warranties and move instructions
  • Detailed history of every move project from planning to completion

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